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                                               Blue Ribbon Contractors Ltd. in Cambridge concrete slab jacking and concrete lifiting

Concrete that has sunken from its original grade can cause many problems, including trip hazards, water pooling, unsightly landscaping, improper drainage and more. Raising the sunken concrete is a third of the cost of concrete replacement and takes much less time, with little or no disruption to landscaping. It avoids the issue of the new concrete not matching the existing material, is durable and lasts as long as concrete replacement.

There are many terms for this service, including concrete slab jacking, concrete lifting and so on. It refers to the technique of raising concrete to match an existing grade. Holes are drilled in the concrete to be "raised", allowing the space that caused it to sink to be filled. The slab is raised and leveled and the void is filled with slurry. The concrete is ready for use within hours of the repair.

Blue Ribbon Contractors provides professional concrete lifting services. You can see samples of our work here. Contact Blue Ribbon Contractors for more info and to book an appointment.

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